Sustainability Solutions Simplified

Sustainability Solutions Simplified

Sustainability Solutions Simplified Sustainability Solutions Simplified

About Tammy

Tammy  Kaleel  is  the  Founder  and  Principal  of  Tammy  Kaleel  Consulting,  LLC.

Tammy  joined  The  Walt  Disney  Company  in  1990  and  in  2008  she  decided to specialize in the environmental sustainability field,  connecting into her network to gain the coveted position of leading the Environmental Integration team.    Her  career  highlight  to  date  was providing  environmental  leadership  for  Disney  Parks  and  Resorts  worldwide.    In  partnership  with  business  leaders,  her  team  drove  environmental  sustainability  strategy  development,  progress  oversight and  story  telling  accuracy  for all   destinations combined  including Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disney Resort,  Disney Cruise Line  and  Disney  Vacation  Club  Resorts.    She  also  served  as  the  environmental  liaison  to  Tokyo  Disney  Resort.

 With  her  team,  Tammy developed environmental sustainability expertise and  solutions  in  waste minimization and recycling, greenhouse gas emissions reduction and renewable energy, and water conservation.  She provided  the global picture of environmental performance for senior executives, while diving into the details of specific areas of opportunity in different businesses like hotel operations, maintenance, food and beverage operations, retail operations,  theme parks,  and resort-wide  sustainable  design.

Tammy ensured accurate data was  leveraged  for decision making  and  prioritization, and  collaborated to develop strategies,  implement solutions  and  tell  fact-based  stories.  As a result, The  Walt  Disney  Company could successfully publish  its  achievement  of   the  publicly stated environmental goals and targets  in  2013 and 2018.    She is proud to have been a part of the Disney Environmental Integration team during this  transformational decade.

Tammy has  served on the Sustainable Florida Board of Directors, and was an Advisor for Recycle Across America.  She has  represented The  Walt  Disney  Company in  the  media  and  has  been  a  frequent  panellist  and  speaker  at  environmental and  industry  conferences.  

A central Florida native, Tammy received her bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and her master’s degree in Simulation Systems from the University of Central Florida.    She   was the Disney liaison for Florida Audubon  and  volunteered with the Disney Conservation Fund supporting sea turtle conservation on the east coast of Florida.       


Privately,  Tammy is dedicated to her spiritual path of yoga, mindfulness, well-being and  exploring new cultures  and  global  destinations  through  travel.  By seeking to understand and witnessing the connections between all beings, she is convinced we can collectively contribute to making our planet a healthier place for organizations, her children, and generations to come.


Career & Experiences To Date

2019 - February 2020 Worldwide Travel Sabbatical

2016 - 2019 Environmental Integration Director, Disney Parks & Resorts Worldwide

2008 - 2015 Environmental Integration Director, Walt Disney World Resort

2006 - 2007 Manager of Operations, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

2005 - 2006 Manager, Strategic Pricing

2000 - 2004 Director, Infrastructure Planning & Support, Disney Reservation Center

1999 - 2000 Operations Manager, Resorts Telecommunication

1998 - 1999 Business Process Design Consultant, Strategic Planning

1997 - 1998 Resorts Productivity Manager, Walt Disney World Resorts & Hotels

1996 - 1997 Business Manager, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

1993 - 1996 Senior Industrial Engineer

1990 - 1993 Communications Engineer, Vista-United Telecommunications