Sustainability Solutions Simplified

Sustainability Solutions Simplified

Sustainability Solutions Simplified Sustainability Solutions Simplified

Co-creating  solutions that maximize long-term value for organizations, 

our planet and future generations



Let’s face it,  with  climate change reports, recycling confusion, plastics pollution, water scarcity,  UN Sustainable Development Goals,  etc., environmental sustainability is  complex and urgent.   We help cut through the minutia to get to the heart of where your organization can  make the biggest positive  impact.

Our Services

Illuminate Environmental Direction

Not sure where to start or how to elevate your sustainability efforts to the next level?  Tammy Kaleel Consulting reviews your current position and recommends the specific areas of focus that are most impactful for your organization.

Strategize for Maximum Impact

Once the  direction to reduce your organization's environmental impact  is  established, how do you get there?  We help develop plans to bring your vision to life  and  deliver  results.

Expand Your Culture

Post implementation, how do you sustain your efforts?  At Tammy Kaleel Consulting, we help integrate an environmental responsibility mindset into your culture to ensure long-term success.  

What Leaders Are Saying...


Dan Cockerell

Jacqueline Ogden, PhD

Jacqueline Ogden, PhD

Former Vice-President, Magic Kingdom Park

Former Executive Environmental Champion, Walt Disney World

"Tammy brings a unique combination of authentic passion for sustainability with a highly analytical approach to problem solving and innovation. She has had a wide exposure to the  largest environmental issues and projects in a corporate environment, and also understands the power of communication, relationships and influence to move work forward."


Jacqueline Ogden, PhD

Jacqueline Ogden, PhD

Jacqueline Ogden, PhD

Founder, Natural Leadership LLC 

Retired, Vice President, Animals, Science and Environment, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

“I had the privilege of working with Tammy while she was at Walt Disney World  Resort.  She is incredibly passionate about the environment and about global sustainability, while also possessing strong business savvy.  Her strong analytical background enables her to collect and analyze complex environmental metrics, which she then uses to tell stories that help people move along their environmental journeys.  Additionally, the operational experience she obtained while working at The Walt Disney Company helps her to understand the constraints people face in business environments, and to use this experience to assist them in meeting their environmental goals.”


Tim Center

Jacqueline Ogden, PhD

Tim Center

Executive  Director

Sustainable  Florida

"Tammy was a driving force on our Board of Directors for more than 10 years. She is bright, genuine, and sincere. Common sense drives her counsel. Her global business experience provides an unparalleled context to every engagement. You will enjoy working with and benefit from knowing Tammy Kaleel."